Adidas: A Tubular Project

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Made my way to the Adidas tubular project last night, here's a little recap of what happened.
Two words: EVERYTHING LITAdidas Tubular collection first debuted in late 2014 and has been taking off ever since. The tubular style is an ode to Adidas history, as well as a glimpse into what’s to come in the near future. “We can’t only be stuck in the past,” says Nic Galway, Adidas VP of global design. Last nights event was all about the future and to celebrate the future, Adidas hosted “A Tubular Project” at the New Museum.
Ten progressive young artists from around the world all contributed to a time capsule for the future. All the pieces were great, my favorite had to be of Lucia Ribsi."The rope is here to tie you all together but if you choose to disconnect at least leave your mark"

Not only was there great art but also great fashion. My friends and I snapped a few pics of whoever caught our attention. 
More Photos below

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