Pray4Pili #14

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What I'm vibing to this week.
School is starting soon you guys and once again these playlist will be showing up on my blog sporadically. I'm thinking of actually making a mix once a month since I've been dabbling in that for the past few months. Let me know what you guys think of that idea.
With all of that being said lets get into the real reason why you're here.
I'm pretty excited about this playlist due to the fact that it features a few of my favorite throwback jams, reworked of course. 
From Missy Elliot to Ashanti to Gwen Stefani. Originally, I wanted to keep the throwbacks from poppin' women a theme but as always soundcloud restricts me. 
This week I revisited one of my favorite mixtapes Live.Love.A$AP by Asap Rocky and for sure had to feature one of the tracks in this weeks playlist. Kissin' Pink made the cut, the production of this track gets to me every time, #classic .
Young Futura, Gypsy Woman is another track that leaves me in awe. The sample of Crystal Waters, Gypsy Woman really made this song what it is.
Hope you guys vibe with me this week and enjoy!
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