Pray4Pili #13

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year! If you're reading this, you've made it to 2016!
Lets make this a great year and one to remember, bless up!

Creating this playlist has been pretty difficult, it took me a month to find music I was actually feeling. Also, trying to a form a  theme or genre I wanted to keep the music in was pretty challenging but, I figured it out. Guess what, there is no theme lmao. I just came to terms that I'd post everything I'm listening to at the moment.

Song I really want you to listen to is ASAP TWELVVY- L.Y.B.B, already one of my theme songs for 2016 just because it's all about grinding and getting what you want. What more motivation can you ask for in a song?

I ended the playlist with one of my most beloved songs ever, Can't Get Close by Sampha. I dedicate it to all those filled with negative energy, take it else wear. Can't get close ;)

The rest of the playlist is literally filled with everything. You need a a baby making jam? You got it. You need your new shower music? You got it.
From Robb Bank$ to The Internet, it is all there.
I hope you enjoy!
Don't forget, 2016 IS YOUR YEAR!