Soulection X Street Dreams Mag Gallery Launch

Friday, December 4, 2015

Last night I was invited to the Soulection X Street Dreams Mag gallery launch and wow what an event.
 I had class before the event so of course I wanted to be as comfortable as possible but still chic. Dark denim never fails me, I went with a pair of Uniqlo jeans that I distressed myself. I kept it pretty simple up top with an H&M pull over. I think what makes my outfit is my coat, boots and obviously  my new wig (I shaved my head about a month ago). 

 Coat: Jones New York
Scarf: Thrifted
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Uniqlo
Boots: Michael Kors
Wig: Elevate Styles

Now to the good stuff 

If you've been following me for a while and listen to my weekly playlists you pretty much can pick up my favorite type of music. A lot of the music I come across is through Soulection, so when I was invited to this event you already know I was extremely excited.

Not only was there great music, there was also great fashion and art! Below are a few of my favorite pieces from the event. 
As I said earlier this event was also filled with fashionable people whose person style is>>>

Moral of the story, you need to make it to a Soulection X Street Dreams Mag event at least once in your life because there is no doubt in my mind you'll have a great time!
Great music, great art, great fashion, and most importantly, great vibes!
Thank you again to my boy Adam for the invite!

Check them out!