OOTD: The Mens Section

Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter OOTD and a sneak peak into a new project coming soon.
Earlier today I met up with my friend Jorel, we talked a lot about upcoming projects we want to work on. This outfit of the day just so happens to be part of one of them.

Jorel and I want to show ladies that you shouldn't be afraid to shop at the men's section or borrow clothing from your brothers or boyfriends. In fact the men's section is my favorite section of any store.

I believe H&M has one of the best affordable clothing when looking for basics. This outfit is entirely from H&M
Finding a pair of boyfriend jeans in the women's section of any store has always been a struggle of mine. Everything is either too short and never hits my ankle or too big and never fits my waist. Jorel let me borrow a regular pair jeans and they actually fit me like "Boyfriend" jeans. Best thing was that they didn't make my bum look unflattering :)
Jorel also let me borrow his coat which is small in men but fits me perfectly! Finding coats that fit me properly has been a life struggle but I'll get into that in later post.
I hoped this helped a few ladies, especially my tall girls.
Trust me, the men's section is a hidden gem, don't sleep on it.

Beanie- Street Vendor
Coat- H&M
Top- H&M
Belt- Thriftd
Jeans- H&M
Boots- Michael Kors
Book bag- Gifted