Birthday Babes

Monday, December 21, 2015

This weekend was full of celebrations for my dear friend Marie. You should know by now, with any type of celebration I always want to dress to kill. Continue reading to see how I managed do that and  spend less than 40 dollars on my outfit.
Usually I use any outing as an excuse to buy new clothes but since we are in the holiday season I couldn't bring myself to splurge on anything for me. So, I made my way to the salvation army and found a beautiful(what I thought was an oversize, actually a plus size)dress. What originally retailed for 80 dollars, I got for 12 dollars. 
Thank you thrifting Gods!
For the dinner I wanted to go for a more conservative look but still wanted to have some elements of sex appeal. The V cut and slit in the middle of the dress give me just that. Also, this is the perfect dress for this weather. It is extremely thick and super warm.

I paired the dress with a crop coat from Rachel Roy, some BCBG Boots, and a scarf my mother got from Australia.

 I believe what really pulls my outfit together is my "chocker" which is really a scarf I used to wrap my hair with at night lmao. Be creative people! 

For the weekend we went out dancing! I was totally over wearing 6 inch heels and tight dresses. So I went with the most comfortable yet stylish thing I could put together, a t-shirt and some shorts.
I went with one of my brothers work out shirts simply because it looked like a dress and was utterly soft(surprisingly got a lot of compliments on it). Added some thigh highs and of course my leather coat for that element of cool. This outfit was a total of zero dollars since I had everything lying around  the house. 

Shout out to the thrifting Gods once again, always in my favor!