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Monday, October 26, 2015

Met up with Sabrina over the weekend for a long over due hang. We talked music, fashion and why she wants to be considered a  "Cool mom" instead of a "Regular mom" in the future. Read below to learn more about Sabrina.

Let just it put it out there now. When you say you want to be a cool mom what do you mean exactly?

 Basically I want to have stories to tell my children. I'm from Jersey, there really isn't much to do so I try to make the best of it. I try to be as spontaneous as possible. I love finding new places. I love to look back and think "Ahh that was dope or woah that was some crazy shit". I want to tell my kids these stories and leave them in awe. 

You mentioned you're from New Jersey and people from New Jersey have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to style. How do you keep yourself from being one of those people who fall in the category? 

Honestly, it can be challenging at times. Not only am I trying to stand out because I'm from Jersey but I'm trying to have my own distinct look out of everyone everywhere. Most people my age are all doing the same thing and all I can do is be myself, whether people like it or not, I like it.

With new trends comes new followers. Balmain and H&M recently collaborated for a new collection, do you belive it'll be one of those collections that everyone is obsessing over for the moment? 
Yes! Don't get me wrong there are pieces in the collection that are extremely alluring but, I know for sure it is going to be over hyped. It's frustrating because I know that there are people who know nothing about Balmain and see that the Kardashians are wearing them and are only wanting the clothing for that reason. You also have people who just buy it to resell it. There is no win win. It happens every time H&M collaborates with another line.

What is you earliest fashion memory?
Sad to say (laughing) but I'm not sure if you remember visor beanies (beanies with the brim) but I would wear those all the time in middle school, I had every color. There was this boy in school who always wore them so I wore them trying to get him to notice me. That didn't work out lmao but he gave my first fashion memory so I'd like to say some good came out of it. 

How much would you say your style has evolved through out the years?
Omg, I didn't even know how to dress back than which is funny because I got best dressed in high school. I think over the years my love for fashion and clothing grew bigger which made want to take risk with my style. Now I'm more free and fun, I experiment a lot more. 

Does fashion play a big role in your life?
Yes it does, it probably shouldn't but it does. Being able to dress up and style myself makes me feel good, makes me feel better out about myself. People tend to think that you're doing stuff to impress someone or for the likes but no, I'm doing this for me.

What would you tell someone who's afraid to step out of their comfort zone.
Yo, just do it. Do it! Don't be afraid to wear what you want. Please don't let other people discourage you from wearing what you want to wear. You have to experience everything on your own and that includes fashion, the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

If you could wear something for the rest of your life what would it be?

Ahhh turtle necks! I love them so much and they help conceal my double chin (laughing) so I ain't complaining!

Is there any brand of clothing you wish to own?
 I would love to own a Moschino jacket. One of those crazy, loud in your face jackets. It would be my statement piece

Any weird trait no one knows about you?
Everyone knows this but, I've been told when I laugh I sound like the surfer fish from Spongebob lmao that's pretty weird.

Last thing you bought?
 A bottle of wine

What would you tell your 16 year old self?
Don't sweat the boys!

Wild wish?
Just to travel all over the world and have a house in every country that I visit, I'll make it happen.

Lastly, how would like to improve yourself next year?
I want to stop giving people the reaction they want from me. I let things get to me so easily but, I'm over that. 2016 I ain't gonna be phased!

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