Mother Knows Best

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I let it be known that at 23, I still allow my mother to pick out my clothing. No, she's doesn't tell me what to wear but a lot of my clothing is all thanks to my moms very good fashion choices.
 One of those choices being these Chelsea boots. For a (very) long time they stayed hidden away in the back of my closet. I saw them peeking through some clothes last night and decided to style an outfit around them.

As of now they're becoming my favorite pair of shoes for the season.
Besides being extremely comfortable, ( I walked 6 miles in them today) the fabric of the boot is my favorite element about them. They're a charcoal grey color with a subtle metallic finish, depending on where the light is hitting you'll see a few other different shades of grey. 

If you haven't noticed yet, black is probably the color I wear the most. So of course I incorporated black into this outfit. I feel so fresh when wearing black and topped with a leather jacket (that my mother thrifted for me) I feel extremely chic.
The weather in New York is...well who knows, one day its "Fall" next day it some how ends up being Winter. Surprisingly today's weather was perfect. I was able to layer up and not look bulky. 

One more thing that my mom gave me that I realllly love is this canvas tote bag by VERB. I know for sure my mom just gave me this like, "Here a free bag", but it has come in handy for school. Spacious and durable and goes with any outfit. As I'm writing this I'm thinking to myself why don't I just take my moms fashion advice more often lmao. My favorite leather, from who? Mom! Comfortable yet chic shoes, from who? Mom! Great school bag that I am ever so thankful for, from who? Mom! Oh yeah and that choker that I saw on her dresser, that she isn't getting back, Thank you Mami;) 
So I guess I'll admit it, 
Mother knows best.

Leather Jacket: Thrifted
Crochet Cardigan: Forever 21
Sweater: H&M
Shoes: Charles by Charles David
Chocker: Thrifted

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