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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


As soon as I met up with Michelle the first thing she brought up was Drake & Futures mixtape, What A Time to Be Alive. We talked everything from music to Drakes fashion sense. Continue reading below to find out her thoughts on everything.

So I keep hearing how great the mixtape is, is it worth the hype?

I personally think it's great. Every song on there is a banger and Metro Boomin killed the production.

Great, unlike Drakes style in the past right?

Oh God (laughing)he has definitely come up from the past. His style has gotten much better. I'm not a fan of how he dresses but from before and now, yes Drake fashion sense has been flourishing. Everything he's doing now is working for him.

Alright, enough with Drizzy now time to you. Let my readers know a little something something about yourself.

I'm Michelle. Many would say I'm sarcastic, witty and determined. I'd say that's about right but, I'm just bold; that is the New Yorker in me. This place is my home but I have dreams bigger than this. I am driven by opportunities that are yet to come. Music has always been my refuge in times of solace. It's what moves me, what inspires me and consoles me. I let that contrast into my life so I can reach my destination and purpose.  

Do you think being from New York has made a big impact on the woman you are today?

Most definitely New York has affected who I am today, the lifestyle here is very influential especially if you grew up here. It's all you know, but I wouldn't change it if I could. I'm comfortable with who I am today.

How do you feel about the fashion in New York?

I think the diversity we have in New York is bigger than any other city. It plays a huge part as to why we have have the best fashion.

How would you describe your style?

I am not your typical girly girl. I am most comfortable with casual clothing but don't underestimate me, I absolutely love when the right time comes for a more vibrant and daring look, which isn't often but more appreciated when the time permits. 

What something that everyone should have in their closet?

Jumpsuits, especially since they can be dressed up or down. 

Where do you get most of your clothing from?

Thrift shops! I love going thrifting. You are able to find pieces from any era and incorporate them into your style today.

Any celebrities you look up to fashion wise?

Rihanna and Pharrell Williams. No one does it like them. 

There have been so many collabs in the fashion industry, which one has been your favorite thus far?

Pharrell x Adidas. He introduced the classic Adidas with a twist. The colors were fucking nice. I think he did a great job with that one. 

Are there any dream pieces of clothing you wish you owned?

I love gowns so much, if I could, I would wear one for the rest of my life. I would love to have my own custom made BCBG Max Azria Gown

Were you allowed to dress yourself as a kid?

Thankfully, I was.

Whats is the best advice you received?

Trust the process

What would you tell your sixteen year old self now?

Don't settle. Never ever settle

What's the last thing you googled?

Lyrics to Diamond Dancing by Drake Ft. Future

What was the last thing you bought

A bagel with cream cheese and turkey bacon

And most Importantly what is next for you in the horizon?

Becoming closer to my dreams. 

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