Pray4Pili #5

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Foxy Brown for Calvin Klein '99

I'm a huge fan of rap and hip-hop music but lately everything has been sounding the same in my opinion and I can't stand it! Top 40 or "mainstream" music never really catches my attention and if it does, I'm super late on it. With this playlist I wanted to keep it in the rap genre but still show that not all rap has to sound the same (you know, that shit where its all mumbling over a hard ass beat) and, that the reworked version of your favorite songs are still as good as the original. Don't get me wrong, you'll definitely catch me in the club bopping my head real hard when Trap Niggas comes on. Most of the time though (when I'm sober) you'll find me listening to some reworked versions of classic rap, hip-hop, or RnB Tracks. I love putting people on to music as much as I love being put on to music. When people are hesitant to listen to a track I suggest I automatically think of the famous Mike Jones lyric "Back then hoes didn't want me now I'm hot hoes all on me", I use that lyric because at first they're all like "noooo" to the track then like "omg this is so good", I'm pretty sure it's going to happen when people listen to this playlist. So let me know what you think, tweet me! @Pray4Pili I'd love to know.