Fall 2015 Wishlist

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


As we get older I believe that wishlist become more about what we want to get ourselves instead of what we want other to get for us. My wishlist is also a personal goal for myself. If I can save enough money to indulge myself with these Items, I know I've come a long way from spending all my money on food. 

1.Dior 'So Real' Sunglasses
Sunglasses for me are a must have and these shades are an extreme must have. They’re pretty popular and many people have them but I don’t care. The silhouette of the shades is the perfect balance of edgy and classic. The mirrored blue lenses are great because your eyes cannot be seen at all. Also the marble frames are subtle but add the extra pizzazz you need.  

2.Sony Alpha a5100
I want to start a YouTube channel soon and this camera is just the right size for vlogging and serious videos. The quality of the photos and video is also great. Investing in techy stuff is always good, thumbs up for that.

3.LE3NO Denim Pencil Skirt
I need this skirt, that’s all!. NO, but in all seriousness we would look so good together. A denim skirt is a staple piece everyone must have in their closet.

4.Alexander Wang Blue Suede Ankle Boots
Yeah...Alexander Wang...ugh. No! I will have these in my possession! Ankle boots are my favorite boots and these, well look at them. There’s no denying their beauty and there's no denying that I speak about clothing as if they are babies. oh, does anyone else think that navy is going to be the new fall color?

5. Nike Lunarsandiator Sky Hi Sandal
Yes, I know that I said fall 2015 wishlist but these can be a transitional piece! I’ve been dying for these shoes ever since I saw FKA Twigs wearing them. I have yet to find them in my size, they’re sold out everywhere. I haven’t lost hope tho, I know they’re out there somewhere just waiting for me.

6.Givenchy Antigona Mini Leather Satchel
Sigh, a girl can dream right?

7.MA1 Jacket
I’m a self proclaimed tomboy. I love anything varsity, boxy, and bomber-ish (that’s not a word but lets pretend it is) so this bomber really stood out to me. The fact that it is white and has crochet detailing gives it a nice feminine touch. This bomber will make any outfit look edgy yet sweet at the same time.

These items are not only things I want just for the fall. They are items that I'll keeping eyeing (and dreaming of)until they're in my possession, no matter how long it takes.
 What's on your wishlist, tweet me! @Pray4Pili